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Diet and Food — Reimers

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Diet and Food

Mealtime is a very common concern for all parents. The thing that parents need to think about is that they have control over both what children eat and how they eat. Parents tend to focus on what their child is eating or not eating. And really, if they focus on the "how" and that is how children are eating, the kind of mealtime structures and routines that they have put in place and basically the whole process of eating, the "what" will take care of itself. For example, parents would do a good job of having regular mealtimes, if they would avoid allowing their children to graze throughout the day, if they would work on teaching their children to sit quietly and even cooperatively at the table, if they can work on those things and master those, it becomes much easier to introduce a wide range of foods and the "what" kind of takes care of itself.