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Green Interview Great Days Ahead

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Parents discuss 'Great Days Ahead' and ADHD.

Woman: When Jonathan first started school, he was having trouble staying on task and staying in his seat and just behaving the way that he needed to to be in the classroom.

Man: It got to the point where when the phone rang, and the caller ID came up, and it was the school, whether it was my wife getting the call or whether it was me getting the call, it was like, "Oh God, what's he done now?" So it's almost to the point where your stomach turns over every time you get a call from the school cause you know what's coming. And I know families that have kids with ADHD, I'm sure they go through the same thing.

Woman: It was definitely frustrating for me because as a mother I felt like I wasn't doing enough for my son. It was very hard to see Jonathan suffer. Also, I don't think like Jonathan so it was so hard for me to understand how he could go to school after we had taught him certain skills and get into trouble again and again and again. I feel like we were failing him and I think he felt like he was failing himself.

Man: There are a couple of things I like about the book. It is very easy to read. I like some of the real life examples because I think that that always helps to put a particular topic in context when you can recite an example of what's happened in your life or your experience, then people can relate to that.

Woman: When I think of what Dr. Bauers did for our family overall, to me the first thing that comes to my mind is hope. I think he gave us hope that we could make things better for Jonathan and we really needed that. And Jonathan needed that. I think he gave Jonathan hope. So in us being able to understand each other we realized we're on the same team and that there are strategies that we can use to help achieve the goals that we want.