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How can I get more involved with my child's schoolwork?

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How can I get more involved my child's schoolwork?

In today's hectic world, a parent’s ability to get involved in school tends to be really difficult - especially if they work different shifts or travel. There are , however, some little things parents can do to help such as if they have a drive where you have to put things in an envelope or send out an e-mail, you could be the person in charge of that. Or if they have a spaghetti dinner and you're in town, make sure you put that on your schedule so that you can be involved in that. Try to make a concerted effort. Instead of going out to lunch with friends, go to lunch at your child’s school.

Try to make some time in your schedule on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, that you are going to be involved somehow in your child's school. Make it a point to communicate with their school and teachers on your child’s development in school. Text message teachers or just call up and say thank you. I send cards to the teachers. I send cookies with a thank you note to teachers. Just take that time because they're something very important. They're taking care of your child and helping them be the best they can be.