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How can I tell when my kids are involved in too many activities?

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How can I tell when my kids are involved in too many activities?

When you think your kids are beginning to burn out or are overwhelmed with doing too many things at once, you'll begin to see that maybe their school work will begin to suffer. Maybe they become disengaged in something that they really love to do. All of a sudden they don't want to do that anymore, or they find that is boring or it takes everything in you to get them to go to that practice. When you notice that your child is beginning to kind of fall away from things that they really love to do, then that's kind of a red flag.

Another red flag is that they’re tired all of the time. You know they're going to sleep right when they get home. That's a big sign of “okay, maybe they're doing too much.” They're not engaging in family activities because they're trying to find time for other things they want to do because they’re involved in so many different school activities. So, just look at their routine and think about how your child is fitting into that routine? If they begin to drop off and are not able to clean up their room, not able to do their homework, not able to engage with the family or with their friends, then something has got to give.

There might be too many things involved in their daily routine. You want to make sure you track that by having a family routine in your home – from when kids wake up in the morning to when they go to sleep at night. A routine can help you decide if your child is beginning to be a little burned out.