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How do I get my kids to talk at meal-time

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Well, a lot of times people ask, "Okay, how do I get my kids to talk to me? We sit down and everybody is still texting." We actually had a conversation with our adult daughters and said "No texting at the table." Make your family mealtime a technology-free zone which means mom and dad too. Everybody pulls out their handheld device or their tablet, shuts it off and puts it in another room just for that period of time. Because honestly, when kids don't have a device to look at or the TV is not on then they are more likely to focus on what's happening and talk to you. Then you can always think of some fun things to talk about, basic table conversation. Things like, "If we suddenly had a million dollars, what would we as a family with that? Where would we like to take a vacation next?" Have a family bucket list. Those can be great ways to get kids talking.