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How do I help my teen prioritize homework?

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How do I help my teen prioritize homework?

A way to get your child to prioritize and get their school work done is to help them understand the importance of school work, extracurricular activities, other interests, their friends and so on and so forth. Then it is important to help them figure out how to put those things into their daily schedule. 

It's important that kids come home, have a snack and then understand what comes first, second and third. So, having routines in a home is very important. Even as kids become teenagers, don't get rid of routines. They still need those things, especially teenagers who get very busy with a job or an after school activity.

It’s important for parents to have some routine set for their kids to be able to work within their busy schedules, but at the same time it is important not to overload them. Sometimes kids say yes to everything and parents do as well. Learning how to limit their schedule to only the things they're really interested in and holding off some things that could take a backseat or they could do later helps in the prevention of overloading.