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I know my college kid is going to drink? How can I teach him/her to do it responsibly?

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​With college students and parents, we use the term "harm reduction," and it's basically responsible drinking. So if they're going to choose to engage in it, and they're saying, you know, "This is college, Mom. This is what we do." And we wanna provide them with the coping skills and resources to be able to recognize how to maintain themselves and not fall into heavy drunken states, or where irrational behavior happens in regards to their using. So harm reduction focuses on how do you know when you've had too much? Create limitations, monitor your use, and some of that can come in with typical role modeling and identifying. Some parents can say, you know, "We have a glass of wine with our dinner. We drink limitedly, or we limit our drinking so that it doesn't lead to problems. How can you utilize some of what you've seen, or you've seen us do to prevent yourself from having associated problems or from it going too far?"