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My Child has a Behavioral Disorder. How Can Help Him/Her at School?

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My child has a behavioral disorder. How can I help him/her have a better school experience?

Behavior modification may be one thing that parents may need to do to help their child to be more successful in school, whether they are on medication or not. Once the child has been diagnosed with a particular disorder on the spectrum, the next step is to decide what treatment would be best for that child. It may be medication, it may be behavior modification. Taking a parenting class would be a very good start for those parents who are struggling with a child with a particular disorder.

The next step is to educate your teachers as well as work with the counselor and the principal to make sure the school is the best fit. Some schools are very good at being able to work with children with a particular disorder and some teachers are as well, but some schools and teachers might not have that expertise. It's important that the parents shop around and make sure that their child is getting the best support that they can at the school they are at. When a school has been chosen, always having open communication with the school is extremely important. Whether it's daily, weekly or ongoing, it is important, especially with a child who's high on the spectrum and has frequent problem behaviors. As a parent, you want to make sure that communication is very open so you can respond quickly to what's going on in the school.