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My Child Shows No Interest in School and I am Finding it Hard to Motivate Him

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I think the question really is, how do you...not necessarily how do you make them care, because it may not be really of interest to them, they may not love it, there's other things they would rather do. So I think it's more about finding an appropriate balance of making it a priority and showing that this is important to us, and making time for studying and school and being involved in school as a parent. But, I also think that we also have to recognize that, if it's not fun for them and they don't like it or it's not intrinsically motivating for them, then we have to think about what are some external ways that we can motivate them as well. And, a lot of times, people maybe don't like that idea, like, they just should do it but they don't always like to do it or want to do it. There's parts of my job that I don't like to do, but I get paid to do that. So we want to think about that for kids, ​too. How can we make this important to them, or make them care, so that they show us the best that they can do instead of just doing the bare minimum to get by?