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My Teenager Is Nervous about Starting High School. What Can I Do to Address Her Concerns and Prepare Her for the New School Year?

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My teenager is nervous about starting high school. What can I do to address her concerns and prepare her for the new school year?

Starting high school is nerve racking because we put so some much emphasis on how high school really matters. And it's so important and you have to do well. And it really makes kids nervous. And until they get into it, and they realize it's not as scary as they think, they are going to be nervous. So the more supportive you can be, without coddling them, and setting up, "Okay, I know it's scary. But you're going to go and I'll be here for you," but not allowing them to call you all day, or leave school early. You have to set that up early that they've got to go and that you understand it's nerve racking but they have to be there. You can do trial runs. They can go, walk through and practice going to their classes. That's certainly an option. Finding somebody in the school that can be a support person, whether it's a school counselor, the principal, the school nurse. Making sure, though, that they aren't going all of the time. There has to be a limit on that and you need to set up communication with that person, so that you know your child is going to their classes.