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Regarding dress up and imaginative play?

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Oh, yes, the movie "Cinderella" is coming out. If I say the word frozen, all parents know I'm not referring to frozen foods. I mean, there's lots out there. You know, dress up and and play-acting has been going on since they were kids, and there's nothing wrong with that. You may want to set some boundaries around it. Do you really want your child dressed up like Cinderella to go to church? Maybe it's a problem, maybe it's not. I don't know. But if they enjoy that and the make-believe and you don't get a huge tantrum when it's time to change into regular clothes, encouraging that kind of creativity is really great for kids.

Now, if we're talking about an older kid, and by that I mean kind of upper grade school, heading towards middle school and high school, usually, kids will channel that type of creativity into music or creative writing or drama or theatre at school and that is different. That's fine too, but with your little ones, let them play dress up. It's good for their imaginations and it's something fun that they can do. Just make sure it's a positive role model and something that you're okay with on the values end for your family.