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What are some signs my child is being bullied?

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What are some signs my child is being bullied?

A sign that your child is being bullied is when their behavior changes. For example, if you have a kid that normally does really well in school and they start not doing so well, or a kid who seems sad and doesn't like to do what he/she normally did, and they don’t want to hang out with their friends. They might not enjoy doing things they used to enjoy.

Another sign could be an unusual reaction when you ask them how their day at school was. Maybe they get sad or they cry. They really don’t want to tell you anything about their day at school.

Sometimes, if you have your junior high age kid, they get really grouchy with you as mom and dad. You can find a formerly pretty agreeable kid is suddenly wearing his crabby pants all the time. Those are times that you should wonder if some bullying might be happening.