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What are some warning signs for a child who may be at risk for self-harm?

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The most obvious warning signs is if a child tells you “I am afraid. I am thinking of hurting myself." I am talking about, of course, the most serious of self harm, which would be suicide attempts. It usually starts with suicide ideation. I am thinking and I am fearful that I might hurt myself. The facts about this are that most people, including children, who actually have a suicide attempt, do let someone know about it. So, if you have a child who tells you that they have this thought in their head about hurting themself. Take that seriously. I would, in this case, have that child evaluated by a psychiatrist or by a psychologist. I would take them to a mental health professional if they tell you they're having these thoughts. Okay? Obviously, if they attempt something, you will know, they take some pills or whatever, you would get medically involved. But, then you're going to also need treatment after that.