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What are some ways I can help my child be less anxious?

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​​​So, I think one of the first things parents can do is try to breathe with their kids. A lot of times when we are experiencing anxiety we are breathing uncontrollably, we're breathing really quickly. So sometimes it's pulling them to the side and teaching them to breathe normally. I think another really helpful strategy is distraction. So I think trying to find a way to get them out of their head.  Doing something simple that can distract them. We can listen to music let's go watch this video on YouTube let's go color just something that is going to get them out of their head. I also think it's important to have a conversation before an event happens. So if we know this is something that is going to cause anxiety, let's prepare for it. So let's figure out a plan of what we're going to do when we experience anxiety. And then I think the most important thing to do is reward your child. This is something that was extremely difficult for them to do.  So let's say that they really wanted to give a speech to their class but they knew it was going to be a challenge, let's prep for this. Let's ​come up with strategies that are going to help you get through this moment. And then I feel like parents should provide a reward for doing it. ​