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What should I do if my child or teen is non-compliant or not listening?

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​I think when you're continuing to utilize a lot of different behavioral strategies ­­— and this is where we often see parents — and your kid is not responding and you're continuing to see this behavior show up again, I think that might be a time to contact a professional to give you more strategies. I think where we miss the boat sometimes is that parents are really great at disciplining and coming up with strategies. But, kids will often make mistakes, especially when they don't have a replacement behavior or behavior that is more effective. So, I think when you're disciplining your child, not only do they need consequences, but they also need to know how to respond better, and to also have tools to respond better in that environment. Not only do you want to be giving them a consequence, but you want to make sure you're teaching them the appropriate behavior and then rewarding that behavior when it shows up in the future.  ​