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Launching Part 2 - Develop a New Relationship with Your Child


Article Written by: Tara L. Hart - Staff Psychologist - Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic

Good communication is a key factor to creating healthy relationships where both parties feel respected and understood. This is definitely the case with teenage children. Before they head off to college and as they progress in their schooling, find opportunities to discuss some of the following things so everyone is on the same page.       

  • Tell your child you understand they will run into problems in college and make mistakes. Discuss with them how to bounce back from failures and mistakes, and encourage them to reach out to you if they need help and support.  
  • Before long breaks from school (holidays, semester breaks, summertime, etc.), talk to your child about expectations (curfews, jobs, car use, money, etc.) when they come home.
  • Talk to your child about how their room at home may change. If packing your child's belongings, put them in clear plastic containers so they don't look discarded, only saved and stored somewhere else.
  • Communicate with your child your desire to be available to them while not being controlling.
  • Discuss how to have family events on a regular basis. These provide opportunities to remain connected with your child and check in with them about how the transition is going. For some families, this may mean weekly dinners at home if their child is attending college nearby. For other families, it may mean weekly phone calls or Facetime.

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