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How to Encourage Your Children to Help After a Natural Disaster

Lemonade Stand

There is virtually no corner of our planet that is immune to natural disasters. It seems as if every time we turn on the television or check social media, there's an earthquake or tornado or flood or some other calamity afflicting the population of one region or another.

When faced with images of such ​​suffering, it's natural for children to want to help in some way. One way to get your child involved is to help them visit the website of the American Red Cross, or for disasters in other countries, the International Committee of the Red Cross.

If supplies are needed in a particular disaster area, you can help your child collect them. Be aware, however, that in many cases, donating money is preferable to donating supplies because the responders who are actually on the ground during a particular disaster have a better grasp of exactly what's needed. In the case of donating money, perhaps you can help your child raise funds by selling lemonade, mowing lawns, walking dogs or some other activity.

Regardless of how your child gets involved, his or her desire to do so shows genuine empathy and a moral desire to help others, which are characteristics that should be praised and encouraged.