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Ten Danger Signs for Kids After Divorce

Most kids adjust to divorce surprisingly well. However, a small percentage struggle when their parents split. If you see your child displaying one or more of these behaviors, it may be a sign that he or she needs some extra help adapting to life after divorce. 

  1. Trouble sleeping 
  2. Oppositional, defiant attitude
  3. Unusually aggressive speech or mannerisms
  4. Quick to become teary or emotional
  5. Abnormally clingy
  6. Stops spending time with friends or develops an entirely new set of friends
  7. Gives up on extracurricular activities, preferring to spend time alone 
  8. Earns poor grades
  9. Gets into trouble at school
  10. Engages in risky or dangerous activities

A major life change like divorce brings stress and chaos into a child's life that can interrupt everything from appetite to extracurricular activities. While it is common for children to go through a grief cycle after a divorce, some children aren't as resilient as others and struggle to pull themselves out of that cycle. If your child's emotions or behavior disrupts his or her daily life, a professional counselor can help your child cope. 

Call the Boys Town National HotlineĀ® at 1-800-448-3000 or email us for referrals to counselors near you.