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Top 5 Strategies for Managing your Family's Time

Father and son reading outside

​​​Feeling overwhelmed by your family's hectic schedule? Effective time management is essential to helping a family stay connected.  Below are 5 ways to successfully manage your family's time:

  1. Decide your family's top three "main things". As a family, pick the three most important things to all of you. You can help get your schedule under control by keeping track of the big picture.
  2. Keep an updated Master Family Calendar. The calendar will remind family members of the "main things" and help manage hectic schedules.
  3. Learn to say no. Before taking on another commitment or project, look at your Family Calendar and decide if you have the time. If it won't fit, say no politely- and don't feel guilty.
  4. Hold regular family meetings at least once a week. Just 15-20 minutes a week can help you touch base and coordinate your calendars to limit confusion and stress.
  5. Make time to eat together. Family mealtimes are a great opportunity to connect with each other after a long day.  Schedule a time where you can sit down face-to-face, eat and relax.

"Remember, you are the CEO of your family... and you love your kids more than anyone else does," said Laura Buddenberg, Boys Town Training Expert. "Setting your priorities and slowing your pace keeps the "schedule beast" under control, giving you and your children time to enjoy life and each other."