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Top Five Tips for Managing Technology Use

Child looking at cell phone

​​​​​​​​​​This information is included in our Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age. Click here to see the rest of the guide.

Need help establishing technology rules in your home? Let technology bring your family closer to each other, not make the family its servant and keep you apart.

  1. Remind kids that use of technology is a privilege, not a right. 
  2. Set a family media policy - decide who can use which forms of technology, when and where it's ​acceptable, and how you will monitor usage to ensure kids are staying safe online.  
  3. Establish consequences, both positive and negative, for appropriate technology usage.  
  4. Establish "technology-free" zones and times in your home when you all "unplug" and concentrate on communicating with each other and enjoying each other's company.
  5. Help your children achieve balance in their lives by encouraging them to stay physically active, enjoy reading, and learn to relax and have fun without electronics.

"Parents are their children's first and best teachers," said Laura Buddenberg, Boys Town Training and Community Outreach Manager. "They should model appropriate use of technology for their kids."