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Afraid of Teenage Pregnancy


I am a single mother, and I have a problem with 13-year-old son. He always wants to be with his girlfriend. I am afraid that he will have sex and get this girl pregnant at age 13. Please advise me about this.


young teen couple

It is very concerning as a parent to worry about our children, especially on the topic of teenage sexuality and pregnancy. Your son is definitely too young to be spending unsupervised time with girls. Make sure you know where he is and who he’s with at all times.

Do your best to talk to your son as a concerned parent. Talk with him about the dangers of early sexual relationships, including STDs, pregnancy and emotional problems, such as depression. Try to talk with him as calmly as possible, and take turns talking so it does not turn into an argument. Remember that you are the parent and he is your son; you have every right to keep him away from certain kids, including girls, who may be a bad influence on him.

For more support, please call our hotline to speak with a counselor. When you call we can talk in more detail about your son and find the best help possible for him. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.