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Curfew for 18-year-old daughter


What is the time limitation for an 18-year-old girl living with her parents to return home after a party?



Kids this age naturally want to make their own decisions and resist parental guidance. This makes parenting and living with an 18-year-old challenging.  However, ultimately she lives in your home, and you establish the rules for your home. Anyone and everyone living in your home are to respect and comply with the house rules you establish.

Taking a realistic approach with this age group helps. You have to acknowledge the fact that if your daughter is in college, she is used to setting her own schedule. She finds it difficult to shift back into the child mode when she returns home for summer or school breaks.

At this age, kids often work full-time jobs during the summer that require them to be up early and at work. This makes natural consequences a more meaningful parenting tool. For instance, if they stay out late it ​will be more difficult to wake up in the morning and head off to work on time. They may find that a lack of sleep may affect their efficiency at work.

Make sure that the time of night you want your daughter home is reasonable. Explain to her why you want her home by that time, and what she should do if she is unable to be home then. If she violates the rule, then she should suffer a consequence, such as extra chores around the house or an even earlier curfew the next time she attends a party or is out with friends.