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How do I stop my teenage son from lying to me about playing video games before bed?


​​How do I convince my 16-year-old son that when it's bedtime, he needs to get off of his computer video games instead of lying to me, locking his door and even blocking the door handle with a plastic 3D plastic device?​


We are so glad you are reaching out for support when you need it. It takes courage to ask for help, and we are glad you did.

 It takes a lot of patience to raise teens, and it can be hard to manage or know what to do when situations like this happen. It takes a village to be able to navigate through all the stages of raising kids and we are happy to help.

 It sounds like bedtime has been a struggle for you and your teen, and it is understandable to be feeling the way you are today. Sometimes it can be helpful to state your expectations to your teen before bedtime comes. A suggestion is, during the evening at a neutral time, tell him what you expect to see from him so he knows exactly what is acceptable and what you will not tolerate. Having this conversation proactively sets you both up for success because you will be on the same page about what is accepted at bedtime and what isn't.

 Another option is using consequences when your teen doesn't follow what your expectations are at bedtime and making sure you continually stick to the consequences when misbehavior happens.

Bedtime can be a stressful time in the home and there are other actions you can take to make things run smoother. Here are some short parenting articles from our website that discuss screen time, how to manage it with your teens and how to discipline and set boundaries:

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 Know that you are not alone while trying to change the bedtime routine. We are always here for you.