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Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Accused of Abusing Younger Girl


My 13-year-old nephew is being accused of inappropriately touching a little girl. How do I approach the subject with him, and what do I do if he denies it? If he didn’t do it, what should I do?



From your email, it sounds like you have guardianship of your nephew. But if you don’t, you need to talk to his parents about the accusations. Anytime there is an accusation of physical or sexual abusive behavior, it is best to report it to the local authorities such as the police or Child Protective Services. Their trained professionals will intervene and interview both parties in an attempt to establish the facts about what happened.  

If you don’t, you risk having the child tell and retell the story numerous times and misplace the facts or get confused. When children have to repeat a story, they often become fearful that they are in trouble.​ Thus, they are not as willing to share the truth. Professional help will more likely ensure that accurate information is gathered.