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Should I Keep My Child from Hearing Negative Media Coverage about a Crisis?

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Is it possible to keep my child from hearing negative media coverage about a crisis or should I  even?

A good question is whether or not it's possible to keep your child away from all the media coverage that happens in a crisis, or should you even try to do that. When you have little ones, and by that we would mean your under 10s, you want to try to restrict their access as much as you can. So you need to think about what you have on your car radio, what you turn the television on to watch and at what time, making sure that they're always monitored when they're online. Just because there's a lot of rumors floating around. There may be some really graphic images that are difficult for your child.


If your child is older and you know that you have a child who has a strong reaction to those visual images, you also want to keep an eye on that. As they get older it's much more difficult. They may have their own hand-held device, or they're going to see and hear things at school. Your best bet is to monitor what they're taking in and then make sure that you talk to them about that in the context of your family values and how you feel about it and hear back from them what they are thinking and feeling when they see or hear these things.