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What Is the Best Way to Break the News of a Divorce to Children?

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What is the best way to break the news of a divorce with my children?

Whenever you are talking to children about any crisis situation you should do it with care. You can actually use the word "care" as an acronym. The C can stand for you should calmly speak to your children. If you're not calm enough to speak to them, you may want to postpone that conversation. And then the A could be accept whatever emotions that they bring to that conversation. They might just act like you're not saying anything, but be okay with that. The R can stand for respond to their needs. They might need a hug, they might need you to leave them alone for a while and stop talking to them, they might need to speak to someone else. So respond to whatever need your child might have. And then, encourage them to ask questions. If they need to ask you questions, be open and be honest with them.