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WOWT Mom's Everyday — Family Priorities

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Mom's Everyday - Family

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Pat: Hi there, and welcome. I'm Pat Persaud. Today, we're going to put you at ease and talk about something to get your family priorities to the forefront of your home. Here with me today is Laura Buddenberg from Boys Town. Laura is an author and a family educator. How do we do it? We seem so over scheduled Laura.

Laura: Well, at Boys Town, we hear from a lot of families who feel that life is getting a bit crazy.

Pat: Right.

Laura: So we've come up with 5 tips that can help families get their schedule best under control.

Pat: Yeah.

Laura: Number 1, decide on your families’ 3 main things.

Pat: Okay.

Laura: Three areas you're going to concentrate on. Some will say faith, family, work and school. Figure those out. Everything comes after that. Number 2, buy a ginormous paper family calendar.

Pat: Great idea.

Laura: In other words, one central place, post it on the fridge where everybody can see it and write down everything by the day that is in your 3 main things.

Pat: Okay.

Laura: Okay. Number 3, then if your kids want to do something or you get asked to take on a project, if it won't fit on your calendar, say no.

Pat: Just say no.

Laura: Just say no. Be polite and don't feel guilty.

Pat: Yes.

Laura: Number 4, call regular family meetings. Take 15-20 minutes a couple of times a week to look at your calendar, reconnect with your kids, praise them for what's going well, and see if you need to adjust. Number 5, make sure to catch some family meal time together, when you're looking at each other...

Pat: So important. And I know that all of this is online at

Laura: Yup.

Pat: And we can also find that through a link through our website at Laura, thank you so much for being here today. Thank you and we'll see you again.

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